Weather Forecast June 7th, 2020

Synopsis: Weak unstable conditions are affecting the island.

Forecast: Partly cloudy and slightly hazy with scattered showers during the early morning. Also, there is the possibility of localised showers across some western districts during the afternoon.

Wind: E - ESE at 15 to 35 km/h.

Seas: Slight in open water with swells from 1.0m to 1.25m.

Today: Weak unstable conditions will remain across the southern Windward islands at least during the early morning with a gradual improvement expected as the day progresses. Here in Barbados, some shallow instability will be present across the region, only fair to partly cloudy skies and a few showers are likely. This is due to a reduction in mid level moisture over the area.

However upper level moisture and instability remain but a shift in the upper divergent pattern is expected by this time. Over the southern Leewards and northern Windward islands, the surface to low level shearline will remain with occasionally cloudy skies, scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms. A light winds regime and adequate moisture is likely across the region which may lead to the possibility of triggering some localized showers across some islands.

The tropical wave currently analyzed along 53W is expected to make its way across the Guianas, where upper level conditions will support shower and thunderstorm activity.

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