Vincentian Sailor Expressing How Overbearing Thing Are Right Now At Sea In This COVID-19 Pandemic.

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

One sailor currently at sea is pleading desperately for something to be done so he can come home. The sentiments he echoed represent many others like him who are still enduring these trying times.

In conversation with aforementioned sailor, he expressed the following.

"My brethren, this thing getting serious, it getting depressing, getting overbearing, because we are working for big companies and we not hearing what's going on for the people who living in the Caribbean. How they trying to get us home, what measures are in place".

He further elaborated that, "every weekend, every 2 - 3 days we have people from Indonesia signing off, people from Europe Signing off, we have Americans leaving, we have people from the Philippines leaving, and the Caribbean people just stuck, just stuck on the ship. Some of us finish our contract, we stop work, so we just on the boat can't go home. We not working and we not getting paid, yes we eating three meals a day but the meals are worst than before all this drama started."

The sailor shared that everything is being rationed! Basic necessity such as water is hardly accessible.

"Everything limited 2 bottle of water a day, two sodas, a glass of wine, that's all we can purchase right now. We cannot even get soap to bathe, it's really difficult. The crew shop that normally sells snacks dont even have anything now, Shampoo is what I am bathing with for the last week and I dont no what's going to happen when that Shampoo done ma boi. Thing real rough now boi."

We all understand the crisis that's happening globally but we will love to come home. We dont mind being in quarantine for 14 days back at home but being here in this condition is really putting us into a state of depression."

"Some of us who haven't reached the end of contract are still working for a reduced salary,, reduced working hours to 40 hours per week and 2 days off in a 7 days."

The sailor concluded by stating that for the last 33 days, they have been unable to set foot on land due to the horrendous situation.

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