Tourism must pull other Sectors out of COVID-19 Slump

Barbados’ tourism industry in a post-COVID-19 environment is expected to undergo “strategic building and repositioning”. 

The Ministry of Tourism and International Transport, as well as the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI), are looking to explore new markets and partnerships as international travel and consumer behaviour are expected to change following the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“It is an unrealistic proposition to be able to expect that we are just going to be able to fling open the doors to welcome the United States traveller in the way we might have more easily have done six months ago. 

"While we have to be very guarded about certain markets, we have opportunities in other markets. I think on a market by market basis we have to find a way to pick through this darkness in order to see how best we can ensure the survival of the country's interest.” Tourism Minister Kerrie Symmonds made this remark during a Zoom press conference to update local media on the Barbados tourism picture currently. 

With 40 per cent of Barbados’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) connected to tourism and 30 per cent of the country’s workforce directly employed by it, the Minister of Tourism emphasized the need to breathe life back into the businesses in the sector especially at tourist attractions and for tour operators.


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