Protocols Implemented in Bequia for ALL Passengers, Taxi Operators, Ferry Operators...



Passengers and Users of Ferry Services - Bequia

o Only travel if you have to.

o All passenger will have their temperature check on entering the Vessel and before proceeding to the ticketing. Should the passenger display an abnormal temperature, the passenger will not be allowed passage, and the appropriate authority notified.

o Travel will be denied persons exhibiting flu or covid-19 like symptoms.

o All passengers, service providers (drivers, conductors, etc.) or visitors interacting the ferry will be required to wear a mask at all times and sanitize appropriately.

o The wearing of a face mask is required at all times during the voyage and while on onboard.

o Passenger will be denied passage if he/she fais to cooperate and or comply with the protocols.

o Passengers are encouraged to practice physical distance onboard.

Ferry Operators/Companies

o The company will ensure that rapid testing is done more frequently for its crew.

o Regular and frequent sanitizing of common areas aboard the ferries before and after each trip.

o We have designated seating area on deck.

o We have designated entrance and exits.

o Protocols and practices will be displayed in strategic areas onboard the ferry.

Port / Jetty Authority

o Crowd control on the pier at Bequia

 Limited access to taxis at least 15 minutes before the boat docks.

 Only a limited number of vehicles and pedestrian will be allowed on the pier after the disembarking of vehicles from the boat.

 Vehicles for pick-up or delivery will be allowed on the jetty at the Port Police and Port Officer's discretion.

 All persons accessing the port must wear a mask and utilize the washing and sanitizing station provided at the port entrance before conducting any business on the dock.

 Pedestrian access to the jetty is through the small gate.

 On entry, the taxi passenger must disembark at the designated area (at the security boot) and proceed to the washing and sanitizing station before continuing on his/her journey.

Taxi Operators

o If the taxi service operator is unwell with respiratory illness symptoms or symptoms specific to COVID-19, the taxi operator should suspend service until the illness has resolved.

o If operators of taxi experience a cough, fever, loss of taste and smell, difficulty breathing should notify the health authority immediately.

o All operators should wash their hands or use 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer after interacting with passengers, money or luggage.

o Have hand sanitizer and tissue available for use by passengers.

o Always wear a face mask when transporting passengers or interacting with potential passengers.

o After each service, clean and disinfect surfaces frequently touched by passengers.

o It would be best if you used gloves should when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

o Dispose of gloves and used cleaning material in a covered garbage receptacle.

Hand washing station installed at the Bequia main Jetty. Thanks to Bequia Express, Jaden Sun, Bequia Venture, Ken Lavia, Gus Ollivierre Bragsa team in Bequia who contributed to this venture.

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