Grenada’s revenues dropped significantly in April 2020

Grenada’s revenues dropped significantly in April 2020 as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell stated this during a radio interview on Hardtalk Grenada Live this morning.

He said the government has fallen short on its expected revenue collections as he gave an example.

“For the month of April, we were expected to raise over 37 million dollars in both Inland Revenue and Customs individually. Customs fell short by 12 million dollars and Inland Revenue is over 10 million dollars short. We have taken a tremendous hit in terms of where revenue is concerned,” said Prime Minister Mitchell.

Dr Mitchell noted that the only reason the government was able to keep its commitment to workers and help the marginalised in society is because of how the economy was managed, Grenada’s savings and the support from regional and international financial institutions.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Micthell gave an update on the emergency CARICOM Heads of Government meeting which was held on May 5.  

He said one of the main points discussed was the issue of nationals working on cruise ships returning home.  

Several Grenadians who are working on cruise ships are scheduled to return home in different phases.  

The Prime Minister said in the CARICOM meeting many leaders brought up the issue of their citizens who are working on cruise ships and the intention of ships to repatriate them to individual countries. 

Dr Mitchell said there are challenges and steps will have to be taken to ensure those who return do not infect people in their respective countries.  

He pointed out that persons must verify they are COVID-19 free: “We cannot stop them from coming back but they must return under conditions that protect themselves, their families and the country.”  

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