Tonight: The Atlantic high pressure system will remain the dominant feature across Barbados and the eastern Caribbean. Shallow pockets of surface to low-level moisture embedded in the north-easterly trades will generate a few brief isolated showers, however mainly fair conditions are expected. Wind speeds are anticipated to remain brisk across the region throughout the forecast period.

Friday: The surface to mid-level Atlantic high pressure system is expected to remain dominant. Furthermore, model data suggest the previously mentioned surface to low-level moisture will linger and continue to trigger some brief isolated showers, especially during the afternoon.

Saturday: Weak low-level instability is forecast to affect the island chain. An increase in low-level moisture in addition to a confluent pattern to the south western periphery of the high pressure system is expected to generate partly cloudy skies with some showers.

Sunday: The aforementioned instability is expected to remain over the region. Partly cloudy to cloudy skies with some showers are expected. Brisk winds are anticipated to continue, as a result model data suggest a deterioration in sea swells peaking near 3.0 meters.

Monday: The Atlantic high pressure system is expected to be dominant, however shallow low-level moisture is expected to generate some brief isolated showers.

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