Did Coronavirus Originate in America? Chinese Media Pushes Conspiracy

Are American authorities mistaking the deadly coronavirus for influenza? Chinese media reports shocking claims. Chinese state-run media has reported that many Chinese believe Wuhan coronavirus originated in the U.S. The report claims that the disease is being mistaken for influenza – which has already killed 16,000 this season. The conspiracy may be part of an intensifying information war between competing governments. Since the beginning of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, which has now grown to infect 79,000 and kill over 2,000, Chinese authorities have attempted to deflect attention away from the crisis by comparing it to the American flu season. Some claim that influenza, which has killed over 16,000 people this year, is more deadly than the coronavirus. Now, new conspiracy theories claim that it may actually be the coronavirus. According to Chinese state-run media, some Chinese speculate that Americans who died of the flu may have unknowingly become infected with the deadly Covid-19 – which they claim is spreading undetected in the United States. Some even speculate that infected Americans brought the illness to China. This comes at a time when U.S. authorities have begun testing individuals with influenza-like symptoms for coronavirus. Currently, the United States has tested 414 people for Wuhan coronavirus with only 14 confirmed to be infected. Some analysts believe the scale of the coronavirus outbreak may be wider than currently reported. This is because cases are cropping up with no direct link to mainland China. In addition to the roughly 77,600 cases confirmed in China, the disease has grown to infect 602 in South Korea, 155 in Italy and 43 in Iran. The cases in Iran are particularly troubling because the death toll doesn’t seem to match the number of confirmed cases. Despite only 43 confirmed cases in Iran, eight Iranians have already died from the Wuhan Coronavirus. In comparison, there are 1,343 confirmed infections in Guangdong province, China, but only six have died. The high death rate in Iran suggests the coronavirus could already be spreading uncontrollably in the country. Some Chinese netizens believe the coronavirus could also be spreading uncontrollably in the U.S. Their wild theories assert that Americans could be mistaking the disease for influenza. Chinese State Media Promotes A Shocking Conspiracy According to the Global Times, a report from Japan’s TV Asahi Corporation claims that some of the 16,000 Americans who died of influenza during the flu season may have unknowingly contracted the Wuhan coronavirus. They argue that the United States misrecorded these deaths as influenza while they were actually Covid-19.

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