Danny: Protesting in groups of 10 on black Saturday, in Solidarity still

The hope of David Denny is to see an outpouring of support during Barbados' local protest against police brutality and racism this weekend.

Smiling, Denny told Loop News, the restriction of 10 persons only may seem like a hurdle to some or a spoke in their wheel, "but we would like as many groups of 10 as safety and time permits in the two-hour window for our protest!"

Plans are still afoot and advancing for the solidarity protest set for this Saturday.

Denny who is the General Secretary of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration (CMPI) says the organization has been given the go-ahead by the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) to carry out their protest next to the United States Embassy on June 6 at 11 am.

But, according to him, the only change that had to be made to keep in line with the current COVID-19 regulations is limiting the numbers gathered.

Recognising that progress has been made not only on the home front with the permission granted, but since the other three cops involved have been charged after protests erupted across all 50 states and around the world, Denny said that at the local protest persons can carry their placards to demonstrate how they feel now. He said people can write about justice, peace, solidarity with the family, supporting Black Lives Matter or whatever they feel. He also said that in addition to Justice for Geroge Floyd, persons can write the names of victims whose police brutality stories haunt them. He said whether it be a call for justice for Breonna or whomever else, use this opportunity and moment now. 

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