Bequia Anglican Top 5 Results For 2020 CPEA Examination

Bequia Anglican Primary School

The Bequia Anglican Primary School this year recieved 31/32 passes for CPEA Examination. Here is a list of the top 5 students performance.

Coming in at 1st position Morica Da Silva

458 out of 500= 91.60% Along with Dee Jay Hackshaw 458 out of 500= 91.60%

Coming in at 3rd position Cadine Cato with 450 out of 500= 90.00%

Coming in at 4th position Kaymare Henville with 445 out of 500= 89.00% and coming in at 5th position Kenya Lavia with 442 out of 500= 88.40%

Bequia Anglican Primary school received 97% passes this year 2020 CPEA Examination, Congratulation to all the students. Work with zeal, the reward is real.

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