Bahamas, the Leeward and Windward islands down to Trinidad and Tobago to experience extreme winds.



Extreme wind and life threatening hazardous seas are forecasted from the Bahamas, the Leeward and Windward islands down to Trinidad and Tobago from Old Years Eve December 31st 2020 until about Tuesday January 5th 2021 Northeast Caribbean. CONDITIONS WILL FEEL LIKE A TROPICAL STORM BUT IT ISN'T. THE ENTIRE CARIBBEAN WILL BE IMPACTED DIFFERENTLY AT DIFFERENT TIMES .

*AIRFLIGHTS:* There will be cancellations of some air flights in the Caribbean region due to wind conditions. Residents are asked to secure lose objects which will become dangerous flying objects in gale force winds of over 48mph.

*DRIVERS AND PEDESTRIANS:* Drivers and pedestrians should take caution on the roads. Boat owners, businesses and home owners along the coast are asked to secure their property.

*WINDS:* Winds 31mph and gale force winds of 48mph and more will cause down powerlines and trees on many islands across the Caribbean.

*SEAS:* Swells 8ft, Sea will reach 13ft and PEAK WAVES near 17ft.

*BEACHGOERS:* Beachgoers are asked to avoid swimming as breaking waves will cause VERY DANGEROUS CONDITIONS. THE POTENTIAL FOR EXTENSIVE IMPACTS FROM THIS WEATHER SYSTEM ARE: Loss of life, injuries, damage or loss of boats and fishing equipment. Saltwater intrusion and disruptions to portable water desalination. Coastal flooding from seas splashing on low laying coastal roads. Sea search and rescue disruptions. Cancellations to transport by sea or air and business and economic loss.

*RAINFALL:* Strong winds will unsettle the atmosphere which will cause brief and heavy showers. PLEASE check and monitor your local forecasts. KEEP SAFE

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