A soldier has been shot dead by police after gunning down 26 people and wounding 57 in Thailand’s

Officials said the soldier first killed two people on a military base and then went on a far bloodier rampage, shooting as he drove to a shopping complex where people fled in terror. It took armed police 16 hours to end the attack in the north east of the country. Authorities said Sergeant Major Jakrapanth Thomma was behind the attack in Nakhon Ratchasima, a hub for Thailand’s relatively poor and rural north-eastern region.

Much of the shooting took place at Terminal 21 Korat, an airport-themed mall filled with colourful Lego sculptures, a merry-go-round and huge replicas of landmarks from around the world.

‘This incident was unprecedented in Thailand,’ Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha told reporters as he gave the final death toll on Sunday morning after visiting the wounded in hospitals. ‘I hope this is the only one and the last incident, and that it never happens again. No one wants this to happen. It could be because of this person’s mental health in this particular moment,’ he said. Mr Prayuth said he was worried that people inside the mall could be accidentally hit by bullets fired by police, but added: ‘I have checked, that didn’t happen.’

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